• Plug Load Management for the Enterprise

    Ibis Networks provides a secure, scalable platform for Plug Load management and device health monitoring. Ibis’ technology provides our customers with up-to-the-minute energy use data along with real-time and automated Plug Load control.  

  • The Ibis Networks Solution

    The Ibis InteliNetwork system was developed from the start for the enterprise.  It is highly scalable and secure, accommodating thousands of sockets with proprietary communications to ensure security.  It does not affect or utilize WiFi networks, and can easily integrate with existing building management systems.  The cloud-based management dashboard is very intuitive, yet robust, providing real-time data on your building Plug Load, as well as easy to manage controls to set schedules and save money.                    Get started now!

  • Learn About our Solutions

    The InteliNetwork system consists of hardware and software that provides a rich level of real-time Plug Load data that can be viewed, analyzed, and managed from any connected device.                                      Click to learn more.

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