The Ibis InteliGateway is the central connection point between the InteliSockets and the InteliNetwork. As the InteliSocket mesh network reports energy usage data on devices every 15 seconds, the InteliGateway collects all the reports and passes them along to the cloud-based InteliNetwork in real time. The InteliGateway also takes commands from the InteliNetwork for powering devices up/down, and passes those commands along to the correct InteliSockets, then confirms the response to the InteliNetwork.

Along with plug load data, the InteliGateway sends information about its health and internal state. This data feeds into the InteliNetwork’s alert system, and can be immediately broadcast to support technicians if a situation arises that needs attention.

The InteliGateway adapts to local environmental issues to robustly deliver plug load data from each socket to the InteliNetwork. The InteliGateway aggregates and caches plug load data in the case of connectivity problems and easily accommodates being disconnected for up to 30 minutes. The InteliGateway automatically restarts after a power outage and has internal sensors that can identify an error state, automatically restarting when the error is non-recoverable.


Part No. Image RF Range RF Transmit Power Data Sheet
IG-302 IG 302 Gateway_alone 50m 0-20dBm InteliGateway