As the heart of the system, the InteliNetwork is the primary interface and tool for viewing, analyzing, reporting, and managing your building’s plug load data.

The Ibis InteliNetwork is a cloud-based service that provides reporting, scheduling, data analytics, and system management tools. The highly intuitive, yet powerful system allows users to identify opportunities for energy and demand reduction, implement energy management strategies through device scheduling and monitoring, and track savings in real time.

The InteliNetwork is accessible from any connected device, and is built from the ground-up to support mobile devices, tablets, and other devices.


dashboard screenshot Users can configure the InteliNetwork to provide targeted, high-value information at a glance. The dashboard provides office workers with individualized access: allowing them to control sockets in their personal workspace; provide technical support staff with up-to-date access to device health information and real-time notifications; and ensure that financial people always have up-to-date data on energy use and savings.


Report exampleReporting

The core of any energy management strategy is detailed energy usage data. The InteliNetwork software displays historical data at granularities as fine as one minute and as coarse as multiple days. The dynamic display allows one to look at short time intervals at extremely fine detail as easily as summary data for years at a time.

Usage data can be split up by individual sockets, or grouped by location or device type. Whichever way the data is aggregated, it can be displayed in a stacked format to show the components of the total energy usage, or in a side-by-side format to compare energy use from one socket to another, one device type to another, or from one location to another.



scheduling screenshotScheduling

Meta-data and analytical calculations can be overlaid on the data display to contextualize the data and highlight derived data attributes that can inform energy strategies. Analytical results can also be used to estimate savings of potential device schedules.



A flexible and extensible alerting system provides immediate notification of high-priority error conditions, as well as regular summary reports of system activity. Notifications and reports can be routed to email and SMS according to priority and content.

iphone-ipad_ibisAdministrative Tools

A fine-grained permissions system limits data visibility by user according to location and device type. Separate permissions independently control what data a user can view and which socket the user has control over. Control of critical devices can be globally disallowed.


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