Schools and Higher Education

Schools and Higher Education

In schools, there are many opportunities to use the Ibis InteliNetwork to provide insight and save money. Typical equipment that schools have had success with include:

  • Computers
  • Charging carts
  • Refrigerators
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Water coolers and fountains
  • Projectors
  • Window AC units
  • Copiers and printers
  • Space heaters

Schools consume enormous amounts of energy. Every year, K-12 schools spend over $8 Billion on energy - more than they spend on textbooks and computers combined. However, Energy Star estimates that at least 30% ($2.4 Billion) of this is wasted.

For most schools, 25-30% of the total electricity is consumed by plug load - all the equipment, computers, refrigerators, projectors, etc. that are plugged in around campus.

With Ibis, schools can take control of this consumption and dramatically reduce this energy cost. These savings can be spent on education, deferred maintenance, and other important needs.

How Ibis Saves Energy and Money in Schools

Using a holistic approach that employs multiple strategies can save a school upwards of 10-15% on its overall electricity bill. Key strategies that Ibis InteliNetwork systems enable include:

  • Schedules Shut down equipment when spaces are unoccupied, and ensure that devices such as heaters, fans, and air conditioners aren’t accidentally left on.
  • Device Health Know when to repair or replace equipment, extending life of equipment (e.g., refrigerators).
  • Informed Policies Create and enforce behavioral policies, such as powering down unused computers, that encourage energy savings
  • Time Shifting Charge or run equipment like charging carts during off-peak hours to save money.
  • Alerts Get alerts when key equipment is on or off when it should not be.

Additionally, the InteliNetwork can be used to further work force development and student engagement.