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Power consumption over 7 days for a Beckman CS-6KR Centrifuge

  • Asset usage episodes derived from power consumption overlaid on top
  • Asset usage during this same time frame shows an average daily use of 456 mins

Visibility into how assets are used on a daily and weekly basis continues to be a challenge across many industries and Ibis now offers a unique way to monitor that utilization through real-time sensing of the electrical consumption of your assets. Electrical consumption is a sensitive indicator for many, if not most, asset classes.

Ibis enables pharmaceutical and life science companies to optimize their usage and reduce capital expenditures by providing visibility into asset utilization, monitoring the health of key asset classes, insight into TCO by combining usage with the cost of electricity to power them. With enterprise grade APIs that allow for easy integration to existing asset management systems, these new data streams can be contextualized with existing asset operational data like service date, owner, commissioning date, inventory, and flexible usage of your own asset IDs and vendor serial numbers.

How Ibis Enables Asset Optimization

Electrical consumption of assets is monitored through InteliSockets. Minute level power consumption data is sent to Intelinetwork cloud service and this data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms to find and summarize “asset usage episodes”. This data provides insight into key utilization metrics like average daily usage (minutes), time since last usage (minutes/days), number of idle assets.

Customers are utilizing this asset utilization data to:

  • maximize the use of their highest value assets
  • optimize scheduling of shared assets
  • minimize underutilization & purchases of new assets
  • determine optimal time to replace vs repair aging equipment
  • optimize service contracts of assets on preventative maintenance
  • real-time visibility to critical assets turning off either due to failure or being unplugged