Todd Mirzaian

A significant amount of the assets in your labs have motors – centrifuges, BSCs, and agitation equipment, to name a few. Do you know when they are in use and when they are idle? Do you know if the use is legitimate? Just like the engine of your car, your assets need maintenance based on the number of revolutions of the motor in the asset.


Using “power” driven Ibis Networks tracking you can remotely monitor usage, track usage of asset groups, and determine in- and out-of-work hour usage. With the Ibis Networks “heat map” data provided “at-a-glance”, you can save hours on your own motor, analyze assets from your office or while working remotely, and add hours to the life of your assets.


Locate assets that are spinning (expensively) out of control, find the dust collectors, make informed decisions on maintenance, and manage your assets using real time data. Forget clipboards and hours of tabulation. The power is literally at your fingertips!