Ibis InteliGateways are on-premise devices which form a mesh network with InteliSockets, to gather and report electrical consumption data to our cloud-based platform (InteliNetwork). Each InteliGateway aggregates data packets from up to 100 InteliSockets, and retrieves commands from the cloud and users for execution by InteliSockets. Along with energy and electrical data, the InteliGateway reports to the cloud platform on the health of its mesh network, the online status of each asset and associated InteliSocket, and its own health and status.

Each InteliGateway communicates with its mesh network of InteliSockets using standard AES-128 encrypted payloads, via proprietary Zigbee Pro profile for enhanced security and stability. In the event of a network outage at the installation site, InteliGateways can operate for up to 8 hours without data loss, buffering data from its network of InteliSockets and “catching up” when network connectivity is restored. InteliGateways are designed to be highly secure, making only outbound network connections and not listening on any network ports, employing SSL/TLS and API keys for all communications with the InteliNetwork.


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