InteliSockets are the basic building block of an InteliNetwork system, gathering data on energy use for each monitored device, providing control over device power, and alerting the system to unanticipated loss of power. These small, unobtrusive devices simply sit between the wall socket and your device powercord, and automatically establish a secure, wireless communication network amongst themselves and the InteliGateway.

These patented InteliSockets monitor energy usage every 15 seconds, and use a highly secure, proprietary wireless network to communicate. Based on a Zigbee ProTM radio, InteliSockets have a proprietary, encrypted communications protocol to ensure the data is secure and that it does not interfere with or use any WiFi or other wireless networks. InteliSockets can be configured to operate on any of 16 ZigBee channels, and each network is identified by a locally-unique 16-bit network ID, preventing co-located systems from interfering with each other. To learn more about the security of the InteliNetwork system, please click here.

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Features and benefits

  • Edge Intelligence

    Data on energy use for each monitored device, providing control over device power & alerting to unanticipated loss of power.

  • Safety

    Local thermal sensors prevent thermal runaway conditions with an over-current/over-temperature safety shut off.

  • Secure

    Enterprise grade security with End-to-end SSL/TLS, native AES-128 encryption to sensors.

  • Easy Deployment

    Easily plugs in between the wall outlet and your device, and automatically establishes a secure communication network.

  • High Power

    Sockets for 20A, 240VAC, and hard-wired meters up to 30A. The larger the equipment, the greater the savings.

  • Bidirectional

    Supports bidirectional communication for functions like turning devices on/off.  Option for monitor only state.

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