Ibis Networks for Hospitality

Guest satisfaction is critical in the hospitality industry, and energy savings can be achieved without sacrificing guest services or comfort, and, if done well, can even enhance the brand and guest experience.

While hotel energy use is diverse and varies by location, there are many common opportunities to effect reductions in overall energy use, including plug load consumption.

De-powering devices in unrented rooms, managing fleets of in-room and common-area equipment, and data-driven policies can add up to savings of up to 15% on your electric bill

How Ibis Saves Energy and Money in Hotels

Ibis Networks uses multiple strategies that can save a hotel more than 10-15% on its electricity bill. Key strategies that Ibis InteliNetwork systems can enable include:

  • Schedules

    Turn off back office equipment, business center devices, and other equipment in areas where business hours apply. Know your device usage across sites.

  • Room Occupancy

    Devices in unrented rooms continue to consume energy. Link reservations to the Ibis network and only power devices in occupied rooms.

  • Device Health & PM

    Schedule service or replace room equipment using data. Know when it’s time to clean, check, or replace that mini fridge before your guests do.

  • Time Shifting

    Shift charging to off-peak rates for equipment such as resort golf carts. Plug them in at any time and automate powering on those carts at a specified time.

  • Alerts

    Be alerted to key devices that may fail or remain active when they shouldn’t be.  Prevent fire hazards from devices accidentally left running.

  • Guest Participation

    Go beyond towels in order to demonstrate commitment to energy conservation on electrical equipment, along with real savings data to back it up.

Average Hotel Electricity Usage

In hotels, there are many opportunities to use the Ibis InteliNetwork to provide insights and help save money. Common equipment that hotels have had success with includes:

  • In-room refrigerators
  • Vending machines
  • Ice makers / machines
  • Common area TVs and AV equipment
  • Refrigerators
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Water coolers and fountains
  • Window AC units
  • Copiers and printers
  • Gym equipment and AV systems
  • Business center equipment

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